We want you to feel confident you have booked with an authorized agent working on behlaf of all owners.  With our business as Prestige Florida Villas we provide property management on all of the homes we advertise through our Florida Villa Market website.


Some names you may see on our documents, online and in rental agreements maybe as follows:


Prestige Florida Villas - our property management company


Florida Villa Market - our booking company, where you see the homes we manage/advertise.


Molineux Inc (or incorporated) - this is Prestige and FLVM overarching corporation




You are booking the vacation home and your stay with us as Florida Villa Market, sometimes shortened to ('FLVM').  We deal with all pre arrival information and can support and advise with your booking up until arrival, this will include access information to gain access to the home on your day of arrival.  Upon arrival you will be cared for through Prestige Florida Villas our sister property management company and we request that you please use their contact information provided below and in all vacation properties for support and advice during your stay.


Rental Agreement


In order to secure this reservation we require the rental agreement completed and the guest list, this is Florida law. We advise that you take out travel insurance that covers you and your family in the event of accidents or cancellations.


Damages that exceed $300.00 or what we deem was guest neglect will be taken from your credit card or you will be requested to pay cash.




A deposit of $300.00 of the final balance is required to secure booking or 25% of the booking total when the booking exceeds $3000.00


This deposit is non-refundable if you cancel.


The balance must  be paid 8 weeks prior to arrival.


Cancellation Charges:

If the booking is cancelled by the guest then the full balance is non-refundable.




Check in 4.00 pm. Check out 10.00 am. Early check in or late check out requires prior approval and is subject to extra costs.


Liability: The owners and the owner’s agents do not accept liability for personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects howsoever caused.


Occupancy: Only those persons identified on the booking form are authorized to use the property. Any changes to the persons booked to occupy the home must be notified for insurance reasons.


Parties: No parties are allowed unless prior agreed with the home owner or the property management team.


Pets: No pets allowed.


Smoking: No smoking allowed inside the home.


Damages: Guests must notify the owner or property manager for any loss or damage to the home or its contents during their stay. Guests must not move furniture or remove furniture from the home. Owner or property manager has the authority to inspect the property during guest’s stay.


Pool: Because there are no lifeguards or other attendants, Tenants are solely responsible for the safety of themselves, family members and guests using the pool, and in so using or permitting to be used, specifically waive any and all liability claims. No Tenant shall permit any juvenile member of his family or guest to play in or around the pool without providing an attendant who is able to swim and can protect such juvenile in case of difficulty in the water. The Tenant is expected to conduct themselves as a guest with reasonable decorum; violent games and exercise are not permitted.  Signs and notices around the pool are for your information only and must not be assumed correct.


Spa, Deck and Patio: Tenant hereby acknowledges that the property they have reserved likely includes a swimming pool (and may include a jacuzzi and/or external hot tub provision), patio and deck. The undersigned is fully aware that the surrounding areas can be dangerous and slippery when wet, and that injury is likely to occur to anyone who is not careful. Tenants should observe and adhere to all rules and policies as posted at the property. With full knowledge of the above facts and warnings, the undersigned accepts and assumes all risks involved in or related to the pool, Jacuzzi, deck and patio areas. No glassware is permitted in the pool area.


Utilities: All utilities, electricity, gas, water, waste disposal, telephone, internet, cable, management fees, maintenance contracts, community charges, HOA charge, etc., are included in the rental fees and Tenant shall not be required to pay additional monies on account. Exception: In case of extensive use extra charges may be incurred. Extensive use is given if the cost for any utility is up by 100% or more from the average cost in the last 6 months. (For homes newer than 3 months, the owner can prove no extensive cost).


Joint and Several Liability: All guests and owners shall be jointly and severally liable for all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.


Because this is a private home with a private lease, there can be no credit given in case of early departure, and there will be no sub-letting or assignment by Tenant without prior written consent. If all or part of the reservation is cancelled, all previously paid rent and deposit is forfeited unless the property can be re-rented for the same reserved time. However, if the property cannot be re-rented, all the above stated terms, no credit or return of rental fees or deposit will be made.


Tenants Personal Property: Tenant shall be solely responsible for any thefts, acts of vandalism, or other damage or loss of personal property which may occur during the course of this agreement, whether said damage or loss be the property of Tenant or any other person invited in by the Tenant, unless such damage is specifically caused by the negligence or incompetence of the owner or the owner’s agent.  Under no circumstance do FLVM or Prestige Florida Villas accept any responsibility over items delivered on, during or after a tenants stay and we strongly advise against doing this.  Items left behind by a tennant are also not our responsibility and under no circumstances are FLVM or Prestige required to provide a forwarding service for these items, however they may choose to do so upon a request.


Owner and owner’s agent commit to keeping the property in its normal, safe, usable and habitable condition. In the event that the property is rendered unsafe, not usable or habitable by the local authorities and has not been caused by Tenant’s actions, the Tenant shall immediately be relieved of its obligations under this agreement. They shall be refunded the unused portion of rent and deposit (if applicable).


In the event of equipment failure, please notify the owner or property manager for repairs or renewals. Tenant, however expressly waives and relinquishes any rights or claims against the owner or manager for any damage that may result to Tenant from lack of maintenance, repair, or defect, including owner’s or manager’s ordinary negligence. All personal property of Tenant kept on the premises is at the risk of the Tenant. There will be no refund, or part of the rental amount, for any failure of any of the equipment to work. The only exception is the pool heat, which would be refunded on a pro rata base.


No refund can be made for inclement weather, water temps that are below 82 deg. or for days when the pool is not in use. Please do not attempt to adjust the pool heating yourself as it is very easy to break and very expensive to fix. You will be liable for all costs to put it right.  Please take note of the pool heater style at the property you are staying and be aware of each of there limitations, for more information on this please ask.


No vans, trucks, motorcycles, boat trailers or recreational vehicles are permitted on the premises without prior approval.


Each party agrees to pay all costs incurred by other party in enforcing, by legal proceedings or otherwise, the terms of this lease and reasonable attorney’s fees.


Each party hereby knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally waives any right each party may have to a trial by jury with respect to any litigation arising out of, under, or in connection with this lease.


In the event that the owner removes the property from the management program, or due to other circumstances the house is not available, then every effort will be made to find a similar property. Owner or agent should not be liable to Tenant should similar units not become available, whereby monies paid shall be refunded.


Utility/Cleaning: There is a standard move-out cleaning fee added/included to rental. If the property is left in a condition that requires more than standard move-out cleaning, an extra fee will be incurred. Our standard clean consists of doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming. All kitchens must be left clean and orderly, no dirty dishes, ovens or stoves. Cleaning personnel will clean out refrigerators and empty dishwashers. All used towels and bed sheets should be washed or placed in laundry room. *Excessive laundry may icur separate charges.


Trash/Garbage: Guests are responsible during their stay for putting trash/garbage out to the roadside on the designated days. This information will be found on the guest information poster or in the guest handbook. On departure all trash/garbage must be bagged and placed in the trashcan if not a trash pick up day.

*Excessive trash/garbage may incur separate charges.


PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we endeavor to give a high level of service to our guests, any issues or problems regarding your vacation stay must be dealt with prior to departure. Under no circumstances will these be addressed after your vacation stay.


Florida Villa Market Team Contact Details


Florida Villa Market

8297 Champions Gate Blvd #341, Champions Gate, FL 33896



Property Management Contact Details


Prestige Florida Villas

8297 Champions Gate Blvd #341, Champions Gate, FL 33896


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Office - 352-243-5555 (office hours 9am - 5pm)


Property Manager - Chris Molineux - 352-978-5126

Manager - Elaine Molineux - 352-988-9628

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By checking to agree and signing below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this agreement, “Florida Villa Market 'FLVM' Rental Agreement”, in its entirety, and that you agree to the terms set out in this agreement, which include the dates and rental rate listed.

When booking with us you will be required to complete either our general rental agreement or for a selection of homes they will be home specific agreements which have been amended and agreed with the respective home owners.  Either way, these forms are mandetory and the non-completion may result in a delay in you recieving your access information email.  If you do not complete the form and still have access to the home you are reminded that our terms are still in full effect for your stay, these can be found below.  However we do ask that you take a moment to complete a rental agreement form using the link provided below to do so. 


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